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Our DVDs and CDs feature Sr. Anthonita Porta, OP, named a Living Legacy by the AMS. Her talks and lectures make wonderful porfessional development opportunities for small Montessori schools or thoughtful gifts for Montessori administrators. All proceeds from the sale of our audio/visual materials support the Sister Anthonita Porta Legacy Fund.

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Real to REEL: St. James Montessori

This video documentary was filmed, furnished and produced by the Catholic Diocese of Orlando, Florida.

At the Saint James Cathedral School of Orlando, Sister Antonita spent two years transforming a 'day care' facility into a child caring, loving and nurturing Montessori Early Childhood environment.

Trusting the Child

Sister Anthonita addresses the 2002 AMS Fall Regional Conference in St. Louis, MO with her talk titled "Trusting the Child"  


This and several other lectures are now available in their entirety as audio files from ADMTEI.

Sister Anthonita Porta:
A Montessori Vision and Mission

Commemorative DVD

The primary purpose of this extraordinary DVD is two fold:  1) To produce it as a tribute to Sister Anthonita Porta.  2)  To support the educational programs Sister Anthonita was committed to during her lifetime.

This DVD is composed of segments of Sister Anthonita’s life, including enchanting sequences of Sister Anthonita’s teaching of children and adults.  Her unique contribution is captured by her inspirational words.  Also included, interviews with former colleagues, teachers, administrators, students and ADMTEI board members.  The DVD’s central message is focused on the shared belief and adherence to Montessori philosophy.

Sister Anthonita was a bold dreamer.  Let us dream boldly too and find ways to perpetuate her legacy.  We welcome ideas for furthering Montessori education in the world. 

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Now Accepting Orders for this 3 Lecture DVD: - Monday, July 09, 2012


South Carolina Montessori Alliance Lectures

This very special DVD was recorded at the South Carolina Montessori Alliance annual conference in 2006 and features three of Sister Anthonita's favorite lectures: 


 "Feeding the Spirituality of the Child" (50 min)


 "Sizzle or Fizzle" (56 min)


 "Honoring or Roots while Building our Future"
(36 min)


Almost two-and-a-half hours of wonderful and inspirational insight from Sister Anthonita, suitable for in-service presentations, faculty meetings, parent/teacher meetings or personal reflection and growth.

Advance orders only $29.99 each!

All proceeds support the Sister Anthonita Porta Legacy Fund.


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