Remembering Sister Anthonita


Dear Montessori Friends,

Until her death on September 9, 2009, Sister Anthonita led our programs and was passionate in promoting Montessori throughout the world. In addition to her outstanding teaching and education ministry--and her recognition as an AMS Living Legacy in 2002--Sister Anthonita estab­lished a scholarship program so adult learners would have the opportunity to become qualified Montessori teachers.

Today ADMTEI strives to carry on Sister Anthonita’s pas­sionate mission of providing a quality, personalized teacher education experience in a nurturing atmosphere and by valuing the uniqueness of each individual.

Join us in celebrating the legacy of Sister Anthonita and in sustaining her mission by supporting us through one of the following:

* Give the gift of prayer - Join us in thanking God for the many gifts He has given to the educators, children and families touched by Sister Anthonita and ADMTEI. Pray for our teachers and staff as they continue their mission and strive to inspire others through Montessori education.

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OR by check or money order
made out to "Anthonita Porta Legacy Fund" and mailed to:

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 * Attend/request our workshops and spread the word - Register yourself and/or your staff for our workshops and take advantage of our professional development offerings. Each year we host a Montessori Assistant's Workshop in August and will be hosting a professional development workshop in April 2018 at ADMTEI. We offer custom workshops (tailored to your professional development needs) all year round--please call for information. 

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Each gift of support, no matter the size, is important for the continued success of Sister Anthonita's vision.

Thank you for celebrating with us! We cherish your continued support and prayers.

God bless you,

Sister Leonor J. Esnard, OP, PhD



April 29, 2017 - Professional Development Workshop at ADMTEI 

August 14 & 15, 2017 - Assistants' Workshop

See you in August 2018! Watch for dates on Facebook and our website.

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"I can't tell you how much Sister Anthonita has changed my life with her wisdom and her wit. I know in her wisdom there is new inspiration and enlightenment. Country Meadows Montessori is a 24-year labor of love. My prayers are with you and all those who provide this exceptional educational experience." -- Jeanette Bostick, Country Meadows Montessori (Fair Haven, MI)

"She understood children and accepted them for what they are. She loved their spirit and asked all of us as adults to make the world better for them." -- Former Student

"Working as her assistant for the first three years she taught me everything I knew about Montessori. I was inspired to dress, speak and act professionally at all times; to really observe the children; to trust the child; to clean; to prepare the environment well;  to prepare my lessons well and to prepare myself well."   -- ADMTEI Faculty Member

"I wish I had the patience she did. She saw beauty in everything. She taught me that life is way too short and to enjoy every one you meet; they are all God's creatures."-- Montessorian from NJ

"[I remember] her generosity. She invited me free of charge to listen to a day of lectures." -- Former Student

"She reminded me that the mastery of materials will come with time, but the mastery over your attitude happens right now."  -- Former Student

"We ask God’s blessing for the program’s administrator, Sr. Leonor, and her assistant, Vicky, for its teachers, for the past and present Montessori teachers who have been trained at this educational institute, for the parents, for the children, and for all others who are a part of this far reaching Montessori community.

Through our work as board members, may we carry on the vision and mission of our dear friend, Sr. Anthonita Porta, and that of Maria Montessori, for it is their spirit that inspires us.


-- Excerpt of a prayer written and offered by Marilynn Dawson for the Nov. 16, 2011 ADMTEI Board Meeting.