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Teneka Thompson-Epps

Teneka is entering her 25th year as a Montessorian. In 2015, she began ADMTEI’s Primary teacher training, completing her student internship at Doughty Montessori School in Ann Arbor, where she is currently serving students and families as a teacher. The Doughty community reflects the values she holds dear, which include…

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Shanna Lacey

Shanna Lacey is Administrative Assistant at ADMTEI. She handles incoming requests for information, processes applications, tracks tuition payments and assists faculty with class materials.

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Leonor Esnard, OP, PhD

Sister Leonor J Esnard, OP, PhD, is the Exeutive Director of ADMTEI and is also the Internship Coordinator for the program. Sister Leonor received her doctoral degree in Curriculum and Instruction with concentration in Early Childhood Education from the University of Toledo; her Master's degree in Elementary Education from Siena…

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Debra Gorman Cagle

Debra Gorman Cagle

Debra Gorman Cagle teaches the everyday living, mathematics, classroom leadership and observation courses for the Adrian Dominican Montessori Teacher Education Institute. Debra is also the lead Montessori primary teacher at Felician Children’s Center in Jackson, Michigan. Debra has been a Montessori teacher for over 35 years, beginning in Montessori in…

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Pamela Esterline

Pamela Esterline holds an MA in Early Childhood Education from Siena Heights University and a BS in General Science from Eastern Michigan University. As part of her Master’s thesis, she designed an early childhood science curriculum. She taught math and science in the public schools with a Michigan Secondary Teaching…

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Theresa Weber

Theresa holds a BS in Elementary Education from the College of Mount St. Joseph (now Mount St. Joseph University). Theresa is a 1995 graduate of the Adrian Dominican Montessori Teacher Education Institute. Theresa taught Montessori pre-primary aged children at the Brighton Montessori School in Brighton, Michigan where she was the…

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Hannah Cousino

Hannah Cousino received a BA in anthropology from the University of Notre Dame in 2002 and her AMS Early Childhood Credential from ADMTEI in 2011. She had learned about (and loved!) Montessori before being certified, and self-taught herself enough to homeschool her three young children using Montessori methods for four…

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Sherry Doughty

Sherry Doughty

With over twenty years of experience as a Montessori teacher, Sherry has owned and operated the very successful Doughty Montessori School in Ann Arbor, Michigan since 1995. Partnering with ADMTEI, Sherry has mentored countless Montessori teacher education students as they work towards completing their practicum requirement in a safe, loving,…

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Erin Compton, Instructor

Erin Compton

Erin Compton received a BS in Early Childhood Education from Michigan State University in 1999, with an emphasis in Psychology and Child Development. Erin is a 2000 graduate of the Adrian Dominican Montessori Teacher Education Institute. Erin worked at Stepping Stones Montessori School in East Lansing from 1996 to 2016,…

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Megan Schopf

Megan Buchanan Schopf brings many years experience of working with children and adults in their creative process. She has spent many years not only teaching in a Primary Montessori classroom, but also assisting other organizations, groups, and individuals in deepening their own experience of esthetics, reflection, and the creative process.…

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View the list of our current Board of Directors on our History Page.

We Believe:

…education involves the whole person; spiritual, emotional, social, intellectual and physical.
…positive self esteem is basic to learning.
…a prepared environment positively affects learning.
…in a God-centered, ethical and moral framework of education.
…in and respect the interdependancy of all creation.
…we are co-creators of God’s justice and peace.
…in the worth and dignity of each individual.
…adult learners learn more effectively in an environment of collaboration and cooperation.
…in the uniqueness of each person.
…education is a developmental process based on life experiences and reflection.
…in academic excellence.

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