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Important Information

All classes will be onsite and are scheduled to begin August 25, 2022.

Applications are being accepted at this time and we are excited to begin classes!
Please contact Shanna Lacey (slacey@admtei.org)
for more information.

If you wish to apply for the AMS Teacher Education Scholarship, you must be accepted to an AMS-affiliated program (such as ADMTEI) before you apply. The application deadline for the
AMS Scholarship is May 1.


February & March (Accelerated: January)

  • Research your choices for Montessori Teacher Education Programs. Determine what type of schedule best fits your needs. ADMTEI offers a 10-month weekend program from August through May that allows for Practicum work (or other full-time employment) to occur simultaneously with the academic requirements for certification.
  • Print and read all initial application materials (Packet #1). Determine your overall tuition and fee responsibilities.
  • Prepare for tuition and program costs. Decide on payment plan and/or secure loan.
  • Explore AMS Scholarship possibilities. If you decide to apply, you must first complete all ADMTEI application requirements and be officially accepted into our program before submitting your AMS scholarship application, which is due May 1.

April (Accelerated: February)

  • Contact ADMTEI administrative staff to discuss any questions you have. Discuss practicum options with our Practicum Coordinator.
  • Research practicum sites. Speak with Montessori school directors in your area to find out possible terms of employment/internship for your practicum (AMS has a directory of member schools on its website).
  • Observe in Montessori classrooms.

May & June (Accelerated: March)

  • Prepare your ADMTEI application (Packets #1 & #2). Secure letters of reference and order official transcripts. Send in completed application with non-refundable $250 fee (be sure to send all important documents with a tracking number in care of Shanna Lacey, ADMTEI, 1257 E. Siena Heights Drive, Adrian MI 49221).
  • Secure your spot in our program as soon as possible! All application materials must be received by ADMTEI by August 1 or a late fee will be applied; if you wish to be eligible for the AMS Scholarship, you must get application materials submitted to us by April 1.
  • Sign your tuition agreement.
  • Begin reading from the Suggested Reading List.

July (Accelerated: April)

  • Continue asking questions and exploring practicum options.
  • Receive acceptance letter from ADMTEI with Packet #3, which includes practicum documents.
  • If you are doing your practicum phase concurrently with the academic phase, have your practicum site administrator and lead teacher fill out supervising forms and read the Practicum Teacher’s Manual.
  • Download academic schedule and make plans for local lodging during academic weekends at ADMTEI, if necessary (see our website for lodging details).
  • Accelerated: Complete the AMS Scholarship Application and submit by May 1.


  • Pay your tuition (or first installment of tuition plan) by August 15.
  • Attend orientation and sign all necessary forms. Receive course materials, meet faculty.
  • Begin your journey towards Montessori certification!
Registration is open for our Workshop on August 8 and 9. Sign up today!
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